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    milter-manager is powered by

    Since Oct, 2016, milter-manager is powered by They kindly provides us open-source plan since ever!

    Here is our use-case which explains in forms of interview.

    What was one quantifiable impact, and one intangible benefit that packagecloud brought?

    Every new milter-manager release, we don't need to maintain own APT/YUM repository by ourself anymore. As milter-manager is developed for a long time, the repository also contains many packages, it takes disk space a lot. provides enough disk spaces for keeping milter-manager repository.

    And one more thing, we don't need to maintain signing-key by ourself.

    What other alternatives have you considered and why did you choose packagecloud?

    We are considered migration to OSDN at that time, but OSDN didn't provide hosting APT/YUM functionality yet.

    So, we decided migrating to

    What was life like before you used packagecloud?

    Before migrating to, we used At that time, we maintained APT/YUM repository on, but it was not reliable because they changed download URL sometimes without enough announcement in advance. We need to follow-up those changes time to time.

    What pain did packagecloud help solve (besides being free for OSS software)?

    As we mentioned above, we are freed from maintainance of APT/YUM repository, so we can focus on developing milter-manager itself.

    Thanks, for sponsoring milter-manager!