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Install to Debian (optional)

Install to Debian (optional) — How to install milter manager related softwares to Debian GNU/Linux

About this document

This document describes how to install milter manager related softwares to Debian GNU/Linux. See Install to Debian for milter manager install information and Install for general install information.

Install milter-manager-log-analyzer

milter-manager-log-analyzer is already installed because it is included in milter manager's package. We will configure Web server to browse graphs generated by milter-manager-log-analyzer.

There are two ways to view generated graphs; (1) view them via a Web server at the same host and (2) view them via Munin (and a Web server) at other host. If we already have Munin or exclusive system monitoring server, Munin is a better way. Otherwise, a Web server at the same host is a better way. [3]

First, a way that a Web server in the same host will be explained, then a way that using Munin will be explained.

Way 1: View via a Web server at the same host

Install packages

We use Apache as Web server.

% sudo apt -y install apache2

Configure milter-manager-log-analyzer

milter-manager-log-analyzer generates graphs into milter-manager user's home directory. (/var/lib/milter-manager/) We configure Web server to publish them at http://localhost/milter-manager-log/.

% sudo -u milter-manager mkdir -p ~milter-manager/public_html/log

We put /etc/apache2/conf.d/milter-manager-log with the following content:

Alias /milter-manager-log/ /var/lib/milter-manager/public_html/log/

We need to reload configuration after editing:

% sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 force-reload

Now, we can see graphs at http://localhost/milter-manager-log/.

Way 2: View via Munin at other host

Next way is using Munin at other host.

Install packages

We install milter-manager-munin-plugins package that provides statistics data collected by milter-manager-log-analyzer to Munin:

% sudo apt -y install milter-manager-munin-plugins

NOTE: We need to use databases created by milter-manager-log-analyzer bundled with milter manager 1.5.0 or later to provide statistics data to Munin. If we have databases that are created by older milter-manager-log-analyzer, we need to remove ~milter-manager/public_html/log/. If we remove the directory, milter-manager-log-analyzer re-creates statistics databases 5 minutes later.

Configure munin-node

Munin-node should accept accesses from Munin server. If Munin server is, we need to append the following lines to /etc/munin/munin-node.conf:


allow ^192\.168\.1\.254$

We need to restart munin-node to apply our configuration:

% sudo /usr/sbin/service munin-node restart

Configure Munin server

Works in this section at system monitor server. We assume that system monitor server works on Debian GNU/Linux.

First, we install munin and Apache:

monitoring-server% sudo apt -y install munin apache2

We add our mail server that works munin-node to munin's monitor target. We assume that mail server has the following configuration:

Host name

IP address

We need to add the following lines to /etc/munin/munin.conf to add the mail server:


    use_node_name yes

We will be able to view graphs at http://monitoring-server/munin/ 5 minutes later.


We can confirm milter's effect visually by milter-manager-log-analyzer. If we use Postfix as MTA, we can compare with Mailgraph 's graphs to confirm milter's effect. We can use graphs generated by milter-manager-log-analyzer effectively when we are trying out a milter.

[3] If we want to run Munin at the same host, we need a Web server.