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README — milter manager: a milter to use milters effectively.


milter manager


Use the following rules:

  • Files that describe their license: their license

  • Commands: GPL3(license/gpl.txt)

  • Documents: GFDL(license/fdl.txt)

  • Images: Public Domain

  • Libraries: LGPL3(license/lgpl.txt)

Here is a concrete list:

  • Files that describe their license:

    • milter/core/milter-memory-profile.c: LGPL2+

  • Commands: GPL3

    • src/*

    • tool/*

  • Documents: GFDL


    • doc/*

  • Images: Public Domain

    • doc/*.svg, doc/*.png, html/*.svg, html/*.png

  • Libraries: LGPL3

    • others than those above

milter manager

milter manager is a milter to use multiple milters effectively.

If milter manager is introduced, milter manager administrates milters instead of MTA. The has some advantages:

  • reduce milter administration cost

  • combine milters flexibly

See Introduction for more details.


  • MTA that supports milter

    • Sendmail >= 8.13.8

    • Postfix >= 2.3.3

  • GLib >= 2.12.3

  • Ruby >= 1.8.5

  • UN*X OS

    • Linux(Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS)

    • FreeBSD, NetBSD

    • Solaris

Optional dependencies


See Install .


See Configuration .


milter-manager command is installed into sbin/ not bin/. In most cases, normal user doesn't include sbin/ in PATH. You will need to use absolute path.

If you don't specify --prefix option for configure script, milter-manager is installed into /usr/local/sbin/. You can run milter-manager like the following:

% /usr/local/sbin/milter-manager --help

Available options are shown if installation is succeeded. See milter-manager for more details.


milter manager includes some useful tools. They are installed into bin/.

  • milter-test-server : It talks MTA side milter protocol. It can be used for testing a milter without MTA.

  • milter-test-client : It is a milter that just shows received data from MTA. It can be used for confirming what data is sent from MTA.

  • milter-performance-check : It is a SMTP client that measures MTA performance.

  • milter-manager-log-analyzer : It analyzes log of milter-manager and visualizes behavior of milters registered to milter-manager.

Mailing list

There is milter-manager-users-en mailing list. Questions and bug reports are accepted on it. New release announce is also done on the mailing list. If you are using milter manager, it's a good idea that you subscribe the mailling list.

Old: milter-manager-users-en

Source code

The latest source is available from the Git repository:

% git clone


  • OBATA Akio: reported a bug.

  • Павел Гришин: reported bugs.

  • Fumihisa Tonaka:

    • reported bugs.

    • suggested new features.

  • sgyk: reported bugs.

  • Tsuchiya: reported bugs.

  • Syunsuke Komma: reported a bug.

  • Yuto Hayamizu:

    • cleaned test.

    • added useful features for creating milter by Ruby.

  • gorimaru: suggested usage improvements.

  • ZnZ:

    • fixed typos.

    • reported useful advises.

  • Antuan Avdioukhine: suggestions.

  • SATOH Fumiyasu:

    • reported bugs.

    • improved Solaris support.

  • ROSSO: reported a bug.

  • akira yamada:

    • reported a bug.

    • suggested about Debian package.

  • Kenji Shiono:

    • reported bugs.

    • suggested new features.

  • Jordao:

    • reported a bug.

  • Mitsuru Ogino:

    • reported bugs.

  • moto kawasaki:

    • added /etc/rc.conf.local loading support on FreeBSD.