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Upgrade on FreeBSD

Upgrade on FreeBSD — How to upgrade milter manager on FreeBSD

About this document

This document describes how to upgrade milter manager on FreeBSD. See Install to FreeBSD for newly install information.


We can upgrade milter manager by overriding existing installation.

NOTE: /usr/local/etc/milter-manager/milter-manager.conf is overridden. If you changed it, please backup it before upgrading. If you are using milter-manager.local.conf not milter-manager.conf, you don't need to backup milter-manager.conf.

% sudo pkg update
% sudo pkg upgrade --yes milter-manager


milter manager can be upgraded easily. It means that milter manager is a low maintenance cost software.

If we want to use improvements in a new version, please upgrade your milter manager.

If we've also installed optional packages, we will go to Upgrade on FreeBSD (optional) .